November 1  Susan Ryder
November 2  Dan Roberts
November 3  Miguel Lopes
November 4 Merton Caton
November 5 The Wallick Family
November 6 Ann McCarthy
November 7 Sandra Rainone
November 8  Lisa Pinsonneault
November 9  Frank Pinheiro
November 10 Mike Clark
November 21 Richard McLaughlin
November 22
Chris Sheehy
November 23
J. Vasiliauskas
November 24
Andrew Nassef
November 25
Stacy Ribeiro
November 26
November 27
November 28
November 29
November 30
November 11  Lauren Harrington
November 12  Walter Shaghalian
November 13 Jennifer Andrews
November 14 Mrs. Wayland

November 15 Patricia Micone
November 16
Daryl Carlson
November 17
Daniel Sullivan
November 18 Kim Edgar
November 19 Laura Carpenter
November 20 Diane Norte

The mission of Saint Margaret School is to provide a strong,
Christ-centered education in a caring, Catholic environment.
The school community, with the support of family and parish,
encourages in each student spiritual growth, academic achievement,
and social responsibility. The students are given the opportunity
to develop their individual gifts and talents enabling them to
confidently face the future.

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